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Karina Shalaby grew up in the world of etiquette, style and image building, thanks to her mother, Shirley Shalaby, a leading image consultant, etiquette adviser and author in Egypt. In Cairo, Shirley and Karina run the En Vogue Modeling and Finishing Institute, through which they have coached professional men and women, actors, young teens, children, and corporate clients, on all aspects of image, style, deportment, etiquette and emotional intelligence.

Karina’s professional background lies in international development and the social sciences. For seven years she worked for the United Nations and leading international organizations on a range of health, social and environmental programs in the Middle East, North Africa and East Africa.

She brings twenty years of experience from the fashion industry, having walked the runway in Cairo, Paris, Montreal and Washington DC. Her fashion and style know-how are paired with her international flair, multiculturalism, languages, and experience in diplomacy and public relations.

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