Whether you are an individual or a business, whether you work outside the home or not, an image consultant can teach you how to polish your image in three areas:

For your convenience, we have arranged the listing of chapter members by their certification status. A brief description of each classification is listed below.

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Consultants and Certifications

First Level Certification (AICI CIC)

At this level, AICI certifies consultants have achieved certain standards in the image consulting industry and that they keep abreast of current thinking and technical knowledge. Consultants apply for the AICI CIC designation at any stage in their image career, and may apply as soon as they complete their initial image consulting training and have provided documentation that they have served clients and have established their business.

Certified Image Professional  (AICI CIP)

This valued certification represents credibility as an experienced, professional image consultant. An AICI CIP is competent, has more hands-on experience and, through the certification process, has documented his or her business experience, education, and professional excellence to qualify for this certification.

Certified Image Master (AICI CIM)

The highest level of AICI certification, individuals with the CIM provide, among other things, proof of at least 2000 hours per year of full-time image consultation, a history of personal and professional achievements, and the development of original, professionally produced high-end products such as books, teaching or training aids, and image products. These professionals demonstrate a commitment to AICI and have the recognition of their peers. They are a recognized brand in the industry.

Skilled, Associate, Affiliate, and Student Chapter Members

Skilled members have successfully completed a minimum of twenty (20) hours of professional training in topics of image that are within the AICI Core Competencies.

Associates are entrepreneurs or corporate employees working in the field of image consulting or a related field.

Affiliates are individuals working in an affiliated business and are supportive of the image industry.

Students are enrolled at an accredited educational institution in preparation for an image- or fashion-related career.

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